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Non-leather welding jackets and shirts?

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  • Non-leather welding jackets and shirts?

    I'm mildly allergic to very allergic to most leather products so, in a hot environment where I will sweat a lot has me ruling out leather jacket and shirt options. Having something that will 'breathe' to wick sweat away would be nice too!

    What are the better jacket and shirt options for me to look at online? I see a lot of generic 'cotton' safety jackets but, the cotton garments I have used in the past had varying levels of light radiation protection, definitely less than optimal heat protection and, had easy burn through for sparks and splatter so in addition to hurting my arms also didn't last long with my stick welder use.

    What brands and models should I be looking for? FWIW, I wear a medium size Polo or T-shirt and a 40 Short suit coat.
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    The heavy cotton ones are for when you might just have occasional beads bouncing off of you. Leather is for when you under bombardment of spatter or if it might sit on you and sizzle for a bit. I don't know if there are alternatives for leather than can do that.

    Is it the leather you are allergic to, or the tanning process of most leathers? You might be able to find hypo-allergenic leathers. Maybe a different species? There are deer, cow, etc...


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      Thanks Mac! I think it may be the tanning process because some cow-based leathers are worse than others. Some leather work gloves are horrendous on my skin but others while still a problem with lots of use are not nearly as bad.

      And a good point about bombardment. I very rarely weld overhead or even at shoulder height. I have had splatter sit on a sleeve or get caught in/on my hair/scalp so, I'm looking to up-armor a little. I plan on getting a doo rag and beenie to try out but, I might need to try a hood or cape with better coverage of my head though, I want to try and manage the heat a bit as well.


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        If you get spatter in your head area, I highly recommend ear plugs.


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          Great point! I hadn't really thought about ear plugs but, I definitely think that or some covering is a great idea.


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            Originally posted by sidpost View Post
            Great point! I hadn't really thought about ear plugs but, I definitely think that or some covering is a great idea.
            Maybe you can be one of the first to try out one of these, and report back to the rest of us. The covering is flame-resistant fabric.


            Many companies used to make flame-resistant split-leg aprons and jackets, but Carhartt seems to have the best selection now.


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              For a non leather welding jacket this is about as good as they get


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                That Weld-X jacket looks like a good solution for me! Thanks for pointing it out!


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                  They're a little on the pricey side but I swear by them its the only thing I wear now.