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Passive helmet choice? Jackson, Miller, etc.?

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  • Passive helmet choice? Jackson, Miller, etc.?

    I think I want a fixed front 4x5 window helmet. My local choices are all cheap 'farm store' options (Tractor Supply, Atwoods, etc.). I realize fit and comfort are a personal thing but, since I can't hold, much less try one on, most options are basically a BLIND purchase for me here in rural East Texas.

    I'm initially looking online at the Miller MP-10
    and various Jackson choices. The local helmets I have looked at were plainly cheap flimsy options. I need something compatible with eyeglasses and I want something fairly rigid (no flimsy shells) without excessive weight that will stay on my head when bent over, flipped up and standing, etc. Neck coverage would be nice as well.

    I don't care about the 'graphics' so, I think that rules out some of the Jackson options. I'm not welding anywhere where I need to be stylish or where I need to be easy to pick out in a crowd so, the fancy graphics while nice are not worth extra $$ to me.

    I really dislike cheap headgear systems. If I have to screw it down so tight to stay on my head it gives me a headache, it is a total FAIL for me. A good sweatband is desired as I don't like sweat running into my eyes either. Finally, it needs to stay up and on my head when I'm done with the weld as falling down and hitting my chest or the ground is irritating at a minimum.

    All of them seem to be within $20 of each other so, price doesn't seem to be a driver in this choice but I am receptive to VALUE based options and brands I may have overlooked.


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    I've been happy with both the recent Jackson and Miller headgear designs. I have hoods from both, but they are their top auto models.

    Actually, my old Jackson EQC Executive finally needed new headgear, and I've been even happier with the new Jackson headgear I bought for it. So if the new hoods come with this headgear, I like it:


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      Thanks Mac!


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        Jackson W10 HSL covers my ear area super well. I have tried many brand including auto dark you know the ones 3 4 hundred dallors wound up throwing them away if they dont cover the ears that means they are unnesacarilly burning the temple and thyroid gland area and that leads to undo medical conditions. It takes many years like cigerettes but adventually it will do damage
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          Good points to consider. Thank you!