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  • Need helmet help

    I currently have an older Jackson helmet with a magnifying lens in it. I do body work and occasional heavy welding. I have my shade down to 9 and still have a hard time seeing what I’m doing. I wear trifocals looking for a helmet with better vision. Thanks

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    You don't mention your lighting conditions. You need good work lights. My favorite hood is still my early 2000's Jackson EQC Executive with new headgear. I have newer Miller BWE hoods, and they are my backups.


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      As Mac states, and as odd as it sounds, more ambient light on work area... Focus quartz shop light in close to workspace and see if that helps... It did for me.... I went so far as to put a "headlight" on my helmet to "spotlight" area I was actually applying bead...

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        I upgraded the lights in my shop to the led's and was having trouble seeing were I was welding. Found out it was to much back light shinning in my helmet. Now I ether shout off the lights behind me or cover the back of the helmet with a small towel to keep the light out.