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  • Welding helmet inquiry

    Hobby welder

    i had bought a harbor freight auto darkening helmet in 2013, and yesterday discovered the batteries have died. I thought about hacking in batteries but because were talking about eye health I am not going to mess with that. So I’m looking for something where I can replace the batteries. I see Klutch (northern tool) has 700 series (2 sensors), or 800 series (4 sensors). Both show replaceable batteries.

    Has anyone had an experience with this Klutch brand?

    I loved the Harbor Freight helmet, but even at on,y $45, I hate to keep throwing these away because the batteries die.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure on what helmet to buy other than it has to have some really good speeds,... One thing I have determined after suffering battery failure with sealed unit, its almost impossible to "fix" the situation, yes get helmet with replaceable batteries ( mine takes 2 AAA) .. Helmet also has "test" mode button!!! ... And low battery LED ..... One thing I am battling now is "head gear" after replacing AD module with new one with replaceable batteries, head gear suffered a failure, got replacement head gear and its been a small annoyance.... Can't seem to get it to stay in position and the lower part of helmet keeps hitting my chin, stop position seems wrong no matter how I adjust it and head band clamp does not seem to hold properly.... Got reminded of this again yesterday, guess today I will do battle with adjustments again...

    New AD module also has grinding mode, not sure I like that, couple of times I have been "flashed" when knob was accidentally moved to grind position, going to have to learn to verify "AD" position before each use....

    Guess what I am trying to say is be sure of replaceable batteries and proper fit of head gear..... If its not comfortable and lens (with cheaters for me) does not stay oriented properly its miserable to use and interferes with weld process...

    My helmet is a "Metal Man" Brand from Tractor Supply not saying its really bad because it served me well for last 6 years, If you are into inexpensive helmets might look at TSC house brand, start around $70....

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      Thank s! I ended up getting a plain Jane auto darkening from Menards. Has 4 arcs, and can replace battery. What it does have, cool graphics but, don’t need it.


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        I always use a classic mask without any electronics


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          I bought a Hobart last year and there was special where you could get any helmet for 1/2 price. I bought a Lincoln auto dark and it is great.
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