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Replacement headgear for Lincoln EQC Executive autodark module

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  • Replacement headgear for Lincoln EQC Executive autodark module

    I have one of those buddies that doesn't really pay attention to what he's doing. You know the type; he gets hurts a lot because he'd rather pull on something to see what happens instead of "wasting time" by stepping back and looking at it first. So I'm helping him out, and unfortunately, he's helping me help him. Which means I go to pick up my 16-yr old Lincoln EQC Executive welding hood to find out that he set a grinder on it while he was "helping" me find one.

    So after 16 years of the way I take care of things and they last and last and last, I now have a broken headgear on my Lincoln hood that I still find myself grabbing even though I have two Miller BWE's that need a lot more battery maintenance after being only half as old. Sorry, Miller, but they are otherwise also fantastic hoods and more comfortable until the padding broke off and I haven't gotten around to replacing that.

    So does a brand new Lincoln welding hood with the big fixed-shade cheap lens accept the EQC Executive module? What are my options? The module still works fine after all these years, so all I really need is new headgear. Some of you will probably see this cross-posted to SFT just to get a larger audience of experienced weldors.

    I'm looking at this hood at the moment:
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    Alternatively, at half the price, it looks as if this new headgear will fit inside my Lincoln shell? Can anyone confirm?

    Is this replacement headgear better than what comes on the cheap no-frills hood, or do all Lincoln hoods have the same headgear?


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      Sorry. Looks like I was typing way faster than I was thinking. I don't know why I kept referring to my hood as a Lincoln. It's a Jackson.

      I guess subconsciously, if it's not Miller, it's Lincoln, and since it wasn't one of my Miller hoods... I even referred to the brand new Jackson hood in the link as a Lincoln, too. That's why it didn't confuse me!

      So, with that correction, maybe I won't confuse anyone as to why I am asking about Jackson headgear for a Lincoln.

      Sorry, guys. So perhaps the question is even easier now. Will the new Jackson headgear fit my old Jackson hood? I'm thinking yes, and with Amazon's liberal return policy, I'll let you know.


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        The new headgear should fit. I upgraded mine several years ago, It was the 370 you linked to. Also, it is much better than the old headgear it replaced.


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          I replace, or more correctly have replaced, my many helmets head gear with fiber metal headgear. I've found it's better fitting to my big round head. One thing I did notice however, was the change to the distance my face sat to the lens. The result was to trim the front strap to accommodate a greater distance from the screen. Not saying it's an answer, just what I've done and it works. That said, it's affordable, cheap to replace, and if I needed the drop down adjustment settings I could accommodate that feature as well with minimal further modification.


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            Sorry I never updated the thread way back then. The new headgear I bought from Amazon fit perfectly and, as mentioned, is far superior. Had I known the difference, I would have upgraded long before the old one actually broke.