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question about Antra helmets

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  • question about Antra helmets

    I purchased an Antra AH7 on amazon for $50, it's my first time welding(hobby) so hard for me to tell what's good or what's bad. It's comfortable, the reviews on amazon are good, but nowadays most reviews are fake. Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on antra helmets, seems to me they're only sold on amazon. I welded with it at least 10 times already and the auto darkening has been spot on so far, has delay settings and sensitivity which work good as well. I bought a farm and fleet KT industries helmet before buying this one and returned the KT after reading bad reviews on it. Thanks for any input

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    I have 2 AH60 series Antras one is over a year old now ,very happy with mine, would purchase again if need be.
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