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Jackson autodark puked, HELP !

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  • Jackson autodark puked, HELP !

    Howdy, Well my old helmet stopped working. Put new batteries in it, still the same problem. I bought it 11 yrs. ago and only used it probably less than 50 times. I went to the supplier that sold me it and the replacement lense unit is more than what I paid for the helmet. I don't know much about them but I was looking on ebay and there are very cheap solar jobs ( I'm leery of those),and some that cost more than my truck. Can someone recommend a good bag for the buck? Thanks.

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    If it is 11 years old (even if you only used it 50 times) I would say you got your moneys worth out of it. It sucks you used it very little, but it is still very old for an AD hood.
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    If you are the type of person who gets upset at things breaking brace yourself for possible dissappointment.


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      ebay cheapy ?

      What about those cheap solar ones on ebay for under $50 ???


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        This one works pretty well for me:

        P.S. Does you old helmet use solar power or battery only?


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          I guess being an older one, probably just batteries.