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Is XTP Helmet same as XVP?

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  • Is XTP Helmet same as XVP?

    I just ordered a Hobart XVP Patriot helmet from Amazon. However, what I received was a Hobart XTP Patriot helmet (note the 'T' in place of the 'V'). The Amazon order confirms XVP, the the packaging is all XTP.

    I've just started investigating this, but so far, the XTP specs appear to be the same as the XVP (reaction time = 1/16000 sec, etc), and it looks the same as an XVP.

    Does anybody know the story behind the XTP? Did XVP replace XTP or vice-versa? Any major differences?

    Any help appreciated,

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    For info, I called Hobart. Apparently, the XTP is exactly the same as the XVP. They had originally packaged the helmet as XTP, but found later that this violated another trademark. So they changed the name to XVP. However, they did not recall all of the XTP packaging, so there is still some out there.

    Case closed.


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      I purchased same welding helmet 2 years ago!!

      I noticed the same thing---I had all my welding gear in storage for about 2 years. I have been very busy and have only begun to weld again---I went to my local Tractor Supply company and viewed the same helmet--the XVP packaging and my original packaging is the same. From what I see, I think, for whatever reason---the middle letter changed. Same specs on both helmets, I don't see the difference---even same patriot design on both---I really don't know why the change. But I was concerned like you are and that is why I compared the packaging on both. Both have the 9-13 shade and same response time. I hope this helped you some---its that I had the same question you had---I looked up the manuels for both and they seem identical---just the middle letter changed. Hey, do you make any sense on changing the lens of these helmets from the instructions. I can't--I am concerned that when the time comes I might just mess it up.