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Electrical diagram/schematic for TG-201?

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  • Electrical diagram/schematic for TG-201?

    I have a TG-201 that I got for the right price (it came with the house). It's ben sitting in a metal building for about 10 years without the side covers on it and it's - how do you say - "not fresh" on the inside. I'm finally getting around to powering it up and trying to get it going.

    I've been using a gasoline powered tig for the last 20 years. I have a HF unit for it that I built myself, and it's water cooled with a chiller I got from an old CNC machine. So I'm used to making stuff "work." I just want to be able to weld without having to drag that gasoline unit outside.

    The on/off switch works. The fan comes on and the foot pedal makes relays click on the inside. The post flow seems to be working because one of the relays clicks off a couple of seconds after releasing the pedal. But I'm getting nothing from the HF and shorting the torch to the grounding clamp isn't exciting like it should be (nothing happens).

    If I could get this thing working in steps, that would be huge. First, if it just worked as a stick welder, I could use my self-made tig setup with it and be in business without the gasoline. Of course, the HF and the gas controls would also be great. It may just be that a bunch of connections are corroded in here and it sure would help to have a diagram of what is supposed to connect to where.

    So... is there any information available on this old unit? The googles turned up about 2 dead ends. Total.