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Sizing a Tig Welder

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  • Sizing a Tig Welder

    We are interested in purchasing a Tig Machine. The machine would be used to repair cast aluminum motorcycle cylinder blocks , heads and fins and broken bolt mounts. Wondering what the minimum amperage output on a machine that would do the job. I am aware of Ac/ Dc , pre heat , pulse and such but looking for necessary amperage. An experienced person would be operating the rig. Thanks for any constructive comments.

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    I'd consider a 250A-class machine to be the minimum with having to deal with cylinder blocks and heads.


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      Like Mac said, you should be looking at 250A and up machines, I'd suggest something like a Dynasty 280 or Synchrowave 300.


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        Thank You for the input...I appreciate it. Miller seems to be the landmark of quality in the welding world in our area.


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          Well , Hobart doesn't currently make a tig that large so the final verdict is a Miller Dynasty 280 dx. So far it is a beast. Will hopefully post some pictures soon.


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            200 amp minimum. I do these kinds of repairs and have for years. I would recommend a Dynasty or consider a lincoln aspect. They are just as capable as a dynasty and are cheaper. Syncrowaves are great but not the newest of technology. There is a big difference when welding aluminum, especially cast, when going from an older style big machine to the newer more electronic ones. If it helps, I use a dynasty because it was purchased by the company. I will be purchasing an aspect very shortly for my home shop.
            Miller dynasty 350
            Miller syncrowave 250
            Miller deltaweld 450
            Miller cp-300
            And one fancy microwelding setup