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  • Tigmate problem

    I’m new to this forum and new to TIG welding. I have a Hobart Tigmate and the other day I was welding and looked over at my machine and saw smoke, then noticed I could no longer get an arc going. Now I’m green when it comes to TIG welding and even greener at troubleshooting the machine. Looking in this forum gave me the insight to remove the cover and investigate as I do have electrical back ground in components. So when I press the pedal I get just a tiny arc and if I try and scratch start I get the same results. I found the transformer that connects to the main board and I don’t seem to have anything across it. I also found a capacitor that looks like it’s blown but not swollen as they usually are rather burnt looking on the bottom and one side actually pulled out, which I know isn’t normal. The board around the capacitor also looks like it is a little burned but I’m not 100% on this diagnosis. It could be that I have a possible bad transformer and a bad capacitor. What I’m looking for here is simply some advise as to how to move forward on this without spending or wasting time and money. I’m attaching pictures so you can see what I’m working with.
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    I know a Barry Bradshaw. Lol...Bet you never seen that coming? As far as the welder goes, I think you can fix it. Most of those electrical gizmos are cheap. Buy a new board cost money it seems but fixing them, seems to be done cheaply if you can figure it out? I say no guts no glory what have you got to lose? Nice pictures by the way. Yup...that capacitor looks blown up with a "B". And the coil...that took some heat didn't it? Time to get handy and wise. Good luck with that.


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      The components should be easy enough to source and replace. The real question is whether they were they cause of the problem, or the first parts that blew because of the real problem somewhere else.