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    I have a Lincoln Square Wave 355 and a Dynasty 300 DX Tig. . I have been a former business owner and considering down sizing and trying to decide which one to keep for a home shop. They both work fine and see the pros and cons to both. Main concern is repairs down the road with the Dynasty and the Lincoln would be easier to repair since it's more old school. I also have a XMT 304 for SMA and Mig still going strong. Concerned about older inverters verses transformer. Just looking for opinions.... Thanks

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    Tough choice, but if it's opinions your looking for, I'll give you mine. Sell them both. The only advantage to keeping them will be aluminum repairs and fabrications. How often you going to do that? Might also be a good time to let the 304 go as well and buy a new multi process with a warranty? You'd know best however what the future holds?


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      On the one hand, I have the Lincoln Square Wave 355. I bought it used and I've had it since 2004. (It is a 1994 model.) I have NEVER had any problem with it. I use it once a month or so. I'm just a hobbyist. I would be skeptical of any older inverter-based machine. That said, How many welding machines does the home shop need? ~0le
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