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Hobart TG-301 - too heavy?

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  • Hobart TG-301 - too heavy?


    I've done some searching and there isn't much information out there on this particular machine: TG-301. If you have some knowledge and can help fill in some gaps, it would be appreciated.
    • I believe it's from the 50s. Correct? Can the manufacturing date (roughly) be determined from the tag which includes model, serial, etc.?
    • How much does it weigh? I saw one out there that was listed as weighing 885 lbs. Is that accurate?
    • What does the SPECS# refer to on the ID tag? 4813
    • At full power it looks like it will draw around 100 Amps (230 volts). Does anyone know what the initial draw is when you start-up the machine?
    Thank you.

    TG301 TG 301

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    IF you post specific model number and spec number (from tag) there is pretty good chance Kieth can have the information you need, probably have to wait till after week end though....

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      Thank you very much, Dale. I will post the details.


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        Model: TG-301
        Serial: 12RT-15663
        Specs: 4813

        Another question: this machine has outlets on the front panel, where other TG-301s I’ve seen have meters. Is this a retrofit, option, or how this particular model came from the factory? Thank you.
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