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Tigweld AC/DC pedal amperage control not working, all wiring to board is good.

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  • Tigweld AC/DC pedal amperage control not working, all wiring to board is good.

    my pedal controls contactor and gas solenoid but has no control over amperage, it fires up and stays at low amps.
    My rheostat appears to be factory installed but is only a 10k ohm while the outside of the pedal says it should be 25k.

    The dial on the machine works to control amperage. The high low switch works. I have not disconnected the remote amperage switch to see what that does as far as lock high or lock low.

    I have several of the chips coming for that control board with the exception that I bought newer style din mount that will need to be modified to work.

    Looking for any info I can get, including owner manuals or and documents on the control boards. The connections for the pedal seem to be the bottom three wires of the multi pin plug on to the control board. Two of the wires seem to be matched up with both the wiper on the main amperage potentiometer and one of the legs on one side. The third pin seems to travel elsewhere on the board.
    I have new k11c1, h11c6, mc3403l and the incorrect mounting version of lf356n but would rather not.... install them, not knowing if they are not working, what may have damaged them, stuff like that. I will if I have to but would rather not...

    I am going to post some photos of stuff.

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    Kieth do you have the manual for this welder?


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      Check your email.


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        Thanks you Keith


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          Sadly, mc3403 change did not fix it.