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1962 Hobart ADI-3641 foot pedal

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  • 1962 Hobart ADI-3641 foot pedal


    I am about to purchase a Hobart ADI-364 AC/DC stick/tig machine. I am looking for a foot pedal. I have found a manual online but the part number doesn't help. The input receptacles for remote control are a 3 prong and 2 prong. I'm not sure about the ohm resistance required. Does anyone know if the foot pedal from a TR-250 would be usable (Part number:362668)? or if I could use a miller RFC-32a pedal?

    Thanks for the helps guys.

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    Both of the pedals you mentioned would not work with the old ADI.. The ADI used if I remember, a 25 watt 75 ohm rheostat. I am unable to locate the information that would confirm if that is correct.


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      thanks for the info. I’m sure your aware of what I meant, but I mistyped the Miller pedal. I meant RFC-23a

      I guess I will keep looking. If anyone has any advice on where to find/make one I’d appreciate it.


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        Could anyone confirm Keith's info?


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          So I took the fine adjustment off and inspected the rheostat. It is a ohmite model L, 75ohm. If I take a look at the ohmite website, all model L's are 150 watts and they are kinda big - 4" diameter.

          So now that I know this, all I need to do is put this into my foot pedal correct?


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            So I found out that the original foot pedal was made by arctrol. However I dont know any model numbers or what rheostat ratings it used.

            Does ANYONE have any ideas on who I can contact? I've tried hobart, miller, and thermal arc. No one knows!


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              Attached are pictures of an Arctrol pedal


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                Did you try just "Hobart ADI-3641 foot pedal" in Google search, lots of instances pop up, maybe your search string did not present you with a valid link to what you need....

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                  Yes I have googled "Hobart ADI-3641 foot pedal"... while there are lots of links with people asking questions, I have not found accurate information on the details of the foot pedal. So far I believe I'm the only one mentioning that the foot pedal was made by Arctrol.