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    I just picked up a 08 hobart tigmate with a bunch of tig rods for 90$
    I knew going in something was blown, and based off of what I had seen around the internet saw that the C1 or C2 capacitor and most likely the T2 Transformer would be blown.

    Lo and Behold I have exactly that, One ugly transformer and C1 reads 0 ohms.

    At this stage of the game Id love to fix it, its big enough to weld anything ill ever do.
    My 3 main questions are:
    -If I replace the C1 Capacitor (which is rated at .47 UF and 200v) with a 250v or 400v capacitor will that cause problems?
    -Secondly, what are the specs of the T2 capcitor? I believe its for the High Frequency start with the tig, but can If I knew what it was actually doing, I could find a similar(OEM ones are $400) one or perhaps mroe robust one.
    -Finally, is it worth investing the effort into this thing? Or should I take my rods and run, the guy is pretty sure he has the pedal and 2 torches in a box at his other house, he will get back to me and if he has them ill toss him another $50. I geuss im worried about sourcing the transformer and having the PC board be at fault here. Though by looking at the diagram I cant be sure how much voltage is actually going into this thing(xfrmr), let alone coming out.

    Dave W.

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    The power to T2 is just an impulse signal from the board and really only readable with a scope. With C1 you want to keep the microfarad value and the voltage as close to original specs as possible. Do not exceed 250 on the voltage rating.


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      Keith, what is the function of the capacitors? To protect the transformer? What ends up being the input and output voltages of the T2 transformer?
      thanks for the reply!
      Dave w.


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        T2 is a high voltage impulse transformer which sent a pulse voltage of 200V pk-pk as required to either start the arc or maintain the arc when in AC. C1 is the "tuning" cap for the HV circuit to create the proper arc stabilization. C2 is a filter cap to suppress signal noise.


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          So does T2 take in 200v peak to peak? Or is T2 taking the 15v(as called out in the manual for ac tig) and step it up to 200vac?

          Sorry if I'm being dense here, I'm just trying to get as much info as I can, while looking for an alternative Transformer here.

          is there any more advanced info on this machine? Or is the owners manual all that's available?

          Dave W.


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            T2 is quite unique to this machine and trying to find something off the shelf will be difficult if not impossible. It is being supplied a pulsed AC voltage that is not held on continuously. When the board circuit is unloaded, T2 unplugged, the pk-pk is about 50-60 volts. An AC meter will probably see that much lower.


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              Yea, is finding it tedious to get something within the ballpark.
              I am fortunate to have a coworker who used to wond transformers.
              I pulled the T2 transformer and dissassembled it.
              it appears to have 12 primary windings and about 90ish secondary.
              you are correct my multimeter reads 10vac on 51 and 52.
              I am borrowing an oscope to verify the health of the pulsed output.

              I have been considering winding my own replacment tramsformer, still waiting to hear from cramer(the maker of the transformer)

              But to summarize if I find a transformer that can respond quick enough.(low winding counts but well insulated)
              I will need a transformer that puts out 200 vac(from the pulses 50vac)to get HF functional?


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                What was given was the primary pulse not the secondary. I do not have the secondary voltage specs.


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                  Re read, and now understand better.
                  thanks for the help!


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                    Just an update for anyone in the future!
                    I am back in business for about 50$ in material to make my own transformer.
                    I bought an EE65 transformer core and bobbin.
                    I wound 4 passes on it with 28 AWG stranded insulated wire(roughly 160 turns)
                    and then wound 11 turns of 16 AWG stranded on the outside(Primary)

                    I replaced both caps with a vishay film capacitor

                    Both caps are identical, they are different part #s because of the leads coming off of them.

                    I also put 2 inline fuses between the tansformer and the cap.
                    The original Secondary winding was 32 AWG Insulated which has a max amperage of about .8 AMPs
                    With 28AWG I am running .75 Amp Slow blow fuses, With the hope that in the future the fuse will blow instead of the transformer.

                    At about a 1/2" the welder starts to arc off with the Hi Freq, if you needed to you could either add more winds to the secondary to get more voltage out of the transformer and thus a further kick off.

                    For reference my first attempt at the transformer was 12 primary and 120 secondary, and the arc starting was very short less than 1/4"

                    The bobbin and core was a kit of 2 from amazon for 18$
                    100 feet of 28 AWG insulated wire was 16$
                    Fuses and holders were about 10$
                    The capacitors were 2$ a pop on ebay!

                    Thanks Keith for all the help!


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                      Originally posted by Hobart Expert Keith View Post
                      ...With C1 you want to keep the microfarad value and the voltage as close to original specs as possible. ...
                      That's what I told my wife when we had Child 1.

                      Keith, just busting on you. You know your stuff. I used to work for a company that had some real transformer gurus, though mostly in precision measurement - active feedback transformers. Black magic.

                      D-wilson357, way to go!
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