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Thinking about Buying a new Tig welder. Miller vs. Lincoln Electric?

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  • Thinking about Buying a new Tig welder. Miller vs. Lincoln Electric?

    I've been toying with buying a New Tig welder for my home auto/fabrication shop. Been looking at Miller and Lincoln. Im in the 3000 dollar price range. The Lincoln Precision Tig 225 look really nice. And as a AC/DC Tig/stick machine seem like it would be right up my alley. How does the Lincoln precision 225 compare to millers Sycrowave 210 ? The sycrowave seem to cover AC/DC Tig, DC stick and mig processes. The DC mig might be a little redundant for me as I have a millermatic 185 currently. Not sure if the matters just want the machine that best fights my needs.

    The Miller welders seem like they have gone to inverter based machines across most of their product line with exception of the Diversion Tig? What is the pros and cons to inverter machines? They are more expensive and they are smaller and can use more limited power sources. But do they really weld that much better of are easier to weld aluminum with? What about reliability long term with inverters? I currently own a Millermatic 185 mig that I love and will probably never sell. And a Hypertherm Powermax 600 plasma cutter.
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    There are so many choices. The inverters are much more portable and lighter. Diversion is inverter based. If you want to weld Aluminum, you'll need AC. What is your planned use? I bought a very economical DC tig that has 2T, 4T and pulse. And it doesn't have pedal input. I didn't plan on doing much with aluminum, and I was looking for a machine that would work well with thin sheet steel.

    I don't think I'd buy a new transformer based machine, there should be plenty used on the market at a nice discount.
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      I have had a Lincoln Precision Tig 225 for over a year now. Stick function is very good. Tig was new to me so most likely any defects are my fault. Am getting better tho. With being a transformer machine it definitely is a weight disadvantage to an inverter based machine. Our needs do not require portability so weight is a non-factor. Experiencing lack of adjustment on AC balance so it is going back for repair(may not have worked since day 1 as never tried anything other than Auto balance). Glad to have 3 year warranty.