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hobart tg 165 tigman

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  • hobart tg 165 tigman

    first post alert!!
    i am a hobbyist from the uk
    i have a hobart tg165 tig/stick set, i have had it for maybe 15 years, and used it for hobby welding of various car related projects, but mainly making kit car manifolds
    recently the hf start, played up, i and i managed to find the problem myself and repair (a capacitor had gone short)

    it occasionally has a problem, where it skips the timer for the pre gas flow, and allows me to start welding as soon as i push the button
    i know the problem will be in the pcbs, behind the front panel, but i am afraid to strip these apart without a circuit diagram

    i have contacted Hobart in the states, and it turns out mine is a dutch hobart, and as such they have no info

    any ideas as to where i can get a manual/circuit diagram from ?

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    They can't gave been that rare?


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      What is the serial number and SPEC number? This looks like a unit that may have been built by Hobart Amsterdam. There is no information on those here in the US but if you provide the numbers we can at least confirm that.


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        Having trouble findingthe picture this morning, but it's already been confirmed it's Dutch.....and no one seems to have info on those


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          still hopefully looking for info