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Cybertig foot pedal question

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  • Cybertig foot pedal question

    I have a Cybertig welder (basic model). With the amperage switch and output switch set to remote, should the foot pedal amperage max out at what the dial is set to, or the max amperage of the welder? I bought a miller foot pedal, and it looks like when both switches are in remote, that the pedal ignores the setting on the dial and just uses the max amperage of the welder. I'm trying to figure out if I bought the wrong pedal or that the welder bypasses the dial amperage setting, and just uses the max amperage of the welder. (I hope this makes sense) Thanks, York

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    I think you have to have the Hobart pedal because the Miller pedal uses a different potentiometer (ohms are different). However, when the pedal is maxed out, it should only cause the welder to put out the maximum current called for on the dial.

    I had a cybertig 300 with a 120 control drawer. The cybertig manual told how to calibrate the drawer to the welder so maximum output happened only when the pedal was maxed out with the top dial turned to 10. This called for adjusting a potientiometer in the gater, which regulates the output of the welder.

    I am not sure if the Miller and Hobart pedals are the same internally--I suspect they are not. The first order of business should be getting the Miller pedal to output something the Hobart welder likes, or get the correct Hobart pedal.


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      The Hobart units need a 25K ohm remote pot to properly control the current.