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Airco heliwelder v 300 amp tig.

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  • Airco heliwelder v 300 amp tig.

    Hi all.
    Long time welder new to the site.
    I need some help on this 1986 airco heliwelder v 300amp tig serial #MH605016 #1341-0300.
    I have a miller RFC-14 pedal i want to convert to use the jones connector.
    Does anybody have a factory airco pedal that they could snap a pic of so i can wire this thing upand try it out?
    The machine starts up fine but want to test it before pumping more cash into it.
    Its one of the orange ones.Click image for larger version

Name:	577607d1297814829-quick-tig-decision-help-dscn1210.jpg
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Size:	67.5 KB
ID:	668748looks like this one i got online,mine covered with crap im my cramped garage.
    Need help please.
    I have the diagram from sscc website but seeing one would clear up what colored wires go where.
    Thank you.

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    Yes? No?


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      Give it more time.... We have lives too....

      Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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        Originally posted by Dale M. View Post
        Give it more time.... We have lives too....

        No problem dale,i see theres not many people who have answers on this model welder.seeing as its looked at as a black sheep compared to the ones made by miller.
        This one was made by Ltec for airco.
        I spoke with my old coworker who is an engineer.
        I think i have the pedal figured out i scratch start tig welded with it and it works fine.
        As for people saying theres no parts for it from what he said the parts in it are pretty simple,and the boards can be repaired.
        I'll keep this post updated and share my project as it goes.
        Just thought somebody would chime in as there is 80 some views on this post
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          I got the old school miller rfc-14 tig pedal wired up to the 6 pin jones connector,it works but i think the pot value is not the right one for this airco i can start the arc but the pedal only controls so much of the amps .
          I need to check the hf gap just to make sure its right,if its not that i will have to buy the one from scc controls off ebay.
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            Anybody with this machines pedal that could get me the pot value for me please?


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              Originally posted by Tigerchevelle View Post
              Anybody with this machines pedal that could get me the pot value for me please?
              I figured out the pot value,not sure if i should share it now,seeing as nobody helped me when i needed help finding what value i could use.
              But im not going to be a **** like that.
              Its a 10k pot,and i used one of harbour freights new vulcan tig pedals,soldered a jones connector on it and it works really good!