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Hobart Tigweld AC/DC // L-Tec Esab Heliarc 250 Troubleshooting

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  • Hobart Tigweld AC/DC // L-Tec Esab Heliarc 250 Troubleshooting

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a long time reader of the forums and finally registered when my machine broke down and I'm looking to see if anyone has any experience with trouble shooting these machines.

    I own a Hobart Tigweld AC/DC model number: 4088771 - single phase 200/230/460v machine. According to Hobart, L-tec built this machine for them and they sold the division back in 1996. I was able to obtain the documentation, but that's about it.

    Anyway, my machine stopped working out of left field. By stopped working, I mean, the cooling fan comes on and the external water pump comes on, but I'm getting no juice from the output. At first it thought it was the pedal/torch so I checked those first...nothing. Then, I put the machine in stick mode and nothing (both switched turned to "Local"). Stumped.

    I checked the Open Circuit Voltage between the terminals and I am getting 47volts AC and DC. Back of the machine says OCV max is 80v. I disconnected power and opened the machine up and checked inside for anything funky. I also sprayed everything down with contact/electric cleaner. Pretty gross in inside. I checked the forward and reverse diodes. They're OK. I checked the two little rectifiers and they seem ok...Not 100% sure though.

    My last thought is that the logic and SCR boards went bad. Those parts aren't available so I have to send it to an electronics repair shop to have them check the boards..

    If anyone has any other input on what to check with these machines, I'm all ears... OR if anyone has replacement parts laying around, please let me know.


    By the way, if anyone wants the manuals for either or both machines, please PM me know as I have PDFs for them.
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    Update...I pulled the boards out a couple weeks ago and sent them to a welder electronics repair shop. They said they won't be able to find replacement parts and are sending me the boards back. I just got off the phone with another shop and they seem to have the boards in their system and can do the repair so I'm sending them to them this week. Another 2 weeks turn-around...

    Part Numbers: 67494 and 675421 Rev-E
    For everyone's reference, here are the boards and welder label:

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Boards Repaired

      Hey Guys,

      Figured I would post an update. I got the boards back from company 2: They cleaned the boards up and replaced the bad components and I popped em back into the machine and they work! I got a real clean arc and good buzz from the machine. Works good! I'm a happy camper now. One problem I seem to still have is the gas solenoid valve doesn't work.. I just bypassed it and used the flow meter to turn the gas on and off...That's the next fix... like $60-$70ish for a newer version. The rebuild kit was almost $100!

      I'll followup about the solenoid soon too!


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        A gas solenoid valve, on Ebay might cost
        about the same as a large sub sandwich.

        Good to see your progress!

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          As long as solenoid is electrically comparable and with very little plumbing issues, most any gas solenoid valve will do....

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            Manual for Hobart Tigweld AC/DC

            If you are still around here, I would be interested in a copy of the manuals. I have been searching the internet for the last couple of nights and have found nothing.


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              Same machine, different problem

              I just picked up one of these welders....welds nice with stick but no current control with remote or local. I am not sure if it is max output but definitely not minimum. HF works just fine but haven't hooked tig torch up to it yet, I am assuming if the remote contactor works for the HF it is also working for the gas solenoid so if I get the weld current under control I should be good to go. Any help would be appreciated as I have not been able to determine what components on the board control the weld current.



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                Still working on solenoid

                Mike, shoot me a PM.

                I did a little more poking around and still working on the solenoid issue. I'm not sure it's the actual solenoid, but it may be another issue with the board or components not letting it energize. I'm going to dig into the electronics diagram and see if there's anything else in there that could be the culprit. Otherwise, machine is still welding pretty nicely with the rebuilt boards.


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                  I stuck a brand new Solenoid valve in there and no change..I had a feeling it wasn't the valve... I've sent the boards back in for re-repair and told them to try to focus in on the circuits the control the solenoid. My fingers are crossed. I will report back when I get the boards back.


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                    I got the boards re-worked and sent along a a few capacitors from the machine. The caps checked out ok and the boards reworked. Everything is now working including the original gas solenoid works!....anyone need a new solenoid?