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Looking for info on OLD Idealarc 300

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  • Looking for info on OLD Idealarc 300

    I have an old mid 60s lincoln (TIG-300/300 ID number: 6187-CH) and looking to get some info on the pedal. I got the factory manual, but there is no good pic of the remote current control connector. The previos owner almost deffinatly updated the connecter to match a K870 AMPTROL which is what I have hooked up to it now. The pedal is giving me fits, the pot is sticky. I replaced the one that was in there since there was almost no brush left, but the new one is so sticky the friction really gets in the way of it returning to low current settings, very annoying. Also the resistor in there is almost deffinatly not stock for a K870, it is a big honking 16 amp 10k resistor, I suspect the real K870 pot is a low current unit, not this big beefy thing. My manual specs a K-746 Foot pedal, but outside of a diagram in the manual, there is ZERO info on that pedal out on the web. Lincoln has been useless for info so far as well. My big questions are:

    Does anyone have pics of the inside of a stock K870 Amptrol pedal?
    Does anyone have pics of the inside of a stock K-7446 Pedal? Or want to sell me such a pedal?
    Does anyone have a pic of the current control connector on a machine of my vintage?

    Thanks guys! I really want to learn how to weld stainless, so I gotta get this thing living again. I am currently just using the fine knob on the unit to set current, it works fine but I feel like a caveman with no current control lol!