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Lincoln square wave tig 275 problem

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  • Lincoln square wave tig 275 problem

    I just got a Lincoln Square Wave TIG 275 that looked in as new condition. I had used it for about a week in TIG Pulse both AC and DC and it worked perfect. I needed to run some 7018 so i got needed cable end and found it would only run "wide open" in stick mode. I set up again for TIG and it worked as it should. I guess i will now do any stick work with my Lincoln 300/300 and just use this 275 for TIG. Any ideas on what the problem might be or where to look? I had double checked all settings and it is not something as simple as this. I'm in southwest Va. if you know any good Lincoln service people in this area. Thanks.

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    Lincoln Squarewave 275

    7018 rod probably won't do well even with the Inverter you have. I haven't had much luck with my Squarewave 175 running it so I take it out back where my Hobart 300/300 Tig welder is hooked up and even with it I have to Force the footpedal almost all the way down to get it to start and then slowly back it off as I weld a Puddle. You can hear the "Mag Amp" buzz louder with that rod than standard 6013. The much older electric Generator welders were better suited for this application because the commutators were designed better. A "Proportional Commutator" was designed in the larger 300 amp Tig machines in the late 60's when solid state electronics were coming to age. This would allow the tig machine more AC balance just like a Three Phase Arc with more balanced heat at the tip.


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      Similar problem with Lincoln Squarewave 355...


      You are not alone.

      I bought a 1994 Lincoln Squarewave 355 used in 2004. It, too, works fine on TIG, but has a problem with stick welding. It won't turn down low enough to be able to run 3/32 electrodes of any kind. It will adjust in the middle and upper amperages so I can run 1/8" and larger electrodes.

      I haven't a clue what is wrong. Thank you your post. I will monitor this thread. I hope someone can offer some information that will be of use.


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        I will sure keep you posted Ole on any changes. Mine unlike yours will only run "WIDE OPEN" in the stick mode. I can set the amp window to in lowest setting and still the same thing. I would suspect a problem in the mother board for lack of better term. I am talking with a company today that is said to be very good on these machines so i will post again tonight. Thanks


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          Well not too good news from the company i contacted this morning about the Lincoln square wave problem. It was one of those "bring it in and we will look at it" things. I understand this is all that he could do but i was a little worried when he said they had never worked on a Lincoln square wave machine. I wonder if this is good in that they are somewhat trouble free and i just got one that acted up or they were not too good of a seller at the time and not many in the field. I think i will use my Lincoln TIG 300/330 for the rare times i need to run some stick stuff and be content to just TIG with the square wave.