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Econotig unstable current control - Help!

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  • Econotig unstable current control - Help!

    I have an Econotig that I purchased used on CL for $500.

    Problem statement: Using the foot contol I have un-reliable current control. Some times the foot current control works as expected for 10 or 15 seconds, then it seems to go to full current. Other times it only takes 2 or 3 seconds for the machine to jump to full power. Once it jumps to full curent I need to let off an re-start the arc to re-gain control. This problem appears to occur under DC or AC power settings. I have sprayed contact cleaner on connectors and wiggled things around under the cover. The unit came with two 5 pin foot contols, both act the same way. The amperage setting dial on the machine seems to work fine.

    I have seen people report similar issues, but usually they have no variable current control at all. Either full current or minimum current.

    Any one have a suggestion?


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    Dirt on the pot inside the foot control may be the culprit. Take it apart and carefully clean the potentiometer and give it another try. My Econo had a similar issue that was resolved ny doing that. My arc was extremely unstable, if you added a little pedal you got max amp or if you back way off it was still too hot very inconsistent. Ended up it Was metal dust from the plasma cutter on the floor getting into the pot and causing it to have a weird range and poor response. Hope this helps. BTW, I really like my little econo, kinda short on power and it has no real adjustments but it does a good job within it's design envelope. And it has been a great little machine with no issues for the last 5 or 6 years. So I am happy, but when I get a new one it will probably be a synchro 250 or a dynassty in the same range. I would like to find a good 330 A/BP and be done buying for a good long while but they dont come up very often around here. Hope this helps.
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      I figured out how to fix my Econotig...
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        I figured out how to fix my Econotig...
        That's a nice repair kit.