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Info on my P&H welder?

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    Testing SCRs:
    --- RJL ----------------------------------------------

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    Lincwelder AC180C (circa 1952), Victor & Smith's O/A, Dayton (Miller) spot welder, 1200 sq.ft. of garage filled with crap and a kid that can actually run the stuff +++


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      thanks for the info. i checkd out the SCR's and they appear to be functioning correctly. however the resistance did vary between the 2 i tested. I did however find 1 bad diode so i ordered up 4 new diodes to replace the old ones.

      Does anyone know how critical the ratings on the SCR have to be? Mine have a 1/2in stud and the highest i could find in 1/2in were 110amp SCR's. Can i use them or should i look for higher ones since i have a 300amp machine? Or does the SCR avg amp rating have nothing to do with the welders output? any help is appreciated.



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        Hey there. My name is Jason, a night shift Paramedic in Texas, trying to learn how to weld on my days off. I realize this is an old post, but info on this welder is so limited, that I'm reaching out to anyone and everyone that I see. I have nearly an identical one to this. Mine does not have the voltage meter, I believe that's what that is up top, center. Everything else is the same from what I can tell. I bought mine, sight unseen. There was no plug on it either, so I still have not tested it out. Has foot pedal and came with leads and a tig torch. I'm trying to gain any info, manual, literature, advice on the machine, before I plug it in. What amp breaker should I have? Anything else you recommend, do, adjust, set up etc?
        Any info will be greatly appreciated.
        Jason Abernathy.