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  • Tube To Tube Welding....

    Hi All! so here I am with a new Miller syncrowave 200 and for the life of me I'm racking my brains on how to weld 0.030" thin tubing.

    I need to weld a 3/8" OD tubing into another one which is 1" diameter at 45 degrees. Both are 0.030" thickness.

    It's hard as it is for me welding flat stock, let alone two tubes. Anyway,
    I have my welder set at "DCEN soft" at 20amps. The welder came with the weldcraft WP-17 set so my electrode is 3/32 with a 7/16" ID cup.
    As you may know, it's hard to get the electrode bewteen two tubes at a 45 angle so I have to pull the electrode out a this proper?
    on the pps pulser, I'm lost. I'm reading about it, but all I want to know is where do I set it so I can weld thin SS? Is there such thing as a chart for this setting?

    I have already ordered smaller and different size electrodes/cups/collets but in the interim, I could certianly use some wise advice from anyone out there who has welded thin SS tubing. I've seen bike frames with beautiful welds and I hope some day I can weld like that.


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    You need a smaller tungsten and a bigger level of experience if you want that weld to be worth a hoot. Sorry but that's how it is.
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      Practice, Practice, Practice... then Practice some more.

      There are no short cuts. You will learn that there are theoretical equipment settings, ideal equipment settings, and settings that work for you.

      Experience is what makes excellent, pretty welds.


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        .030 Wall Welding

        This is why there are some good DEAL'S on Welders on Craigslist.....LURCH


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          first get a .040 sized red tungsten.
          use a 7 or 8 cup size.
          and try 10 or so amps. if you need more then you can always turn it up
          keep the heat more on the filler rod to keep from burning through. I would practice flat first instead of pipe. There are several techniques to use but it is better to show someone by first hand experience. I cannot really teach over the net by typing, but other will be along and tell you more. sorry but I am the type of person that teaches by showing, I really cant explain it. but with the smaller tungsten you will be able to keep an arc lit at the low amps. and just practice practice practice.
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            1/16 thoriated tungsten
            gas lens (so you can still get the gas coverage with the tungsten pulled out) .030 filler....I say set your amps to 45 amps and use the pedal to make the puddle wet out....On thin tubing I concentrate the heat on the filler rod and let it wash over onto the tube that your not getting a "Cold weld" And the fit is EVERYTHING....
            and as mentioned PRACTICE PRACTICE....
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