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  • help with syncro 180

    Hi Everyone

    I've been lurking here for a while and learning tons. I've been taking tig lessons from a local welder. I own a mig machine, as well as oxy/acet. I'm pretty good with mig and o/a, getting better with tig. Anyway, the machine shop I'm learning at is interested in selling their Miller syncrowave 180 SD. I understand it's between 5 and 10 years old, a transformer style machine. I talked to a Miller rep who said there's not much difference between the 180 and the newer 200.

    I don't know what fair market value would be for this 180 so I'm looking for opinions. I don't want to get into a bid war with them as they've been really good about taking me on to learn tig but I don't want to spend too much either.

    Any ideas on this machines worth?


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    Depends. Does it have running gear? Does it come with flowgage, torch, pedal, accessories, etc? The newer 180s had digital meters, which are a nice addition. The older ones did not. A five year old one will have meters, a 10 yr old one won't. So that's something to consider in setting a value. And whoever you talked to about the 200s didn't give you very good info, there are some significant improvements in the Sync 200, such as built-in pulser. Now, that's not a deal breaker, in fact, it's actually in your favor, because it makes the value lower on the 180.

    Depending on condition, accessories, consumables, etc. in the deal, I probably wouldn't give more than $1000 to $1100 for a used Sync 180, and if it doesn't have meters, $800 to $900. As a comparison, a buddy of mine just bought a used Sync 200 in excellent condition here locally for $1150.
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      Welcome to the forum. Looking foward to hearing more about your efforts to learn more about welding.
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