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  • Learning TIG

    Hello everyone.
    As this is my first post I would like to wish everyone a happy
    and prosperous new year.
    I feel that I know everyone a bit because I have spent the last
    couple of weeks looking over current posts and also searching
    through the old ones. Unfortunately I have been unable to find the
    answer to my question.
    I just finished hooking up my new/old Miller 330A B/P and I was
    wondering if I can practice welding on steel without using a shielding
    gas? I figure if I can practice moving a puddle around or joining some
    scrap while not wasting gas would be a delight.
    Thanks guys

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    you will need your sheilding gas !!!! or watch your tungsten flare up bright and burn up
    lincoln pt225
    hack saw & a hammer
    oh & a shovel


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      It's called GTAW and the G stands for GAS. That's just a fact of life bro.

      Good luck with your new hobby. It is addictive.
      Two turn tables and a microphone.


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        You can practice without gas......Just don't turn the machine on......I do it all the time....
        Some people require more attention than others.....Like a LOST DOG and strangers holding out biscuits....

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        Hobart Beta Mig 200
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          BC thats best i like that one lol
          lincoln pt225
          hack saw & a hammer
          oh & a shovel