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  • Hobart Tigwave 250

    I have a Tigwave 250 that will power up but has no output current any suggestions? All help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi ,and welcome, i too own a Tig Wave 250, First do you have the owners manual for your machine? If not you can, i think down load a copy from Thermo Arc, if you cant down load it i know for sure that they will mail you a copy (for free) or you can call them and they will email you a copy.

    Once you have the manual you will be able to check to be sure that you have all of the machines switches set to the right spot. I know that this sounds silly but sometimes things are that simple. If that does not work you can call Thermo Arcs customer service and ask to speak to a tech rep and they should be able to talk you through each step to check that your machine is set right and they can also tell you what the voltage readings should be at different test points on your machine and for foot pedal or remote hand switch (i dont know what your using) if that turns out to be the problem

    Just to let you know they dont have a repair or service manual for this machine i know that this sounds strange but after i got my machine i tried to find one and Thermo Arc told me that they never made one and any problems you have the service techs should be able to help you solve them over the phone.

    I got my machine back in Feb. of 2008 and when i called Thermo Arc parts department they told me that they still have almost all of the parts for our machines still in stock but one item they did tell me that they had no stock on and are not going to ever stock again is the high Frequency box so they said that if that should go bad you would have to try to find one on a dealers shelf or find a used one from a old machine.

    On the plus side the service techs told me that they made that machine for about 12 years and had very little problems with them, so it should run for a long time. One of the cool options to look for is the pulser for your machine (you cant buy it from Thermo Arc anymore) i got lucky and bought one from a weld talk member here and let me tell you it sure makes welding thin sheet metal easy. So if you do any type of sheet metal welding and are lucky enough to find one BUY IT. If you have any other question about your machine you can PM me.
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      Tig Wave 250

      Thanks for the info sunpeople, I will give Thermo Arc call. Thanks for the info


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        A TA list of obsolete manuals

        Cap N, in the past I've done quite a bit of searching through Thermal Arc's literature pages and can give you a headstart on where to look for your manual. A couple of entries for "Tigwave 250" can be found in their "Order Literature" section. The particular list that I found is here:,251/
        Click on "Thermal Arc" in the Category List (of different brands) and then click on "Manuals" (when the Thermal Arc category list comes up on the next page) to reach the list.

        With your welder's model number, you should be able to locate the specific manual on the list that applies to your welder - if one is available for your model. Send an e-mail to the TA rep listed and ask if you can purchase the manual. Ideally, it will be a service manual. My experience has been that TA will inform you that they will send you the manual free of charge.

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          Thanks LarryL