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Scratch Start with Carbon?

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  • Scratch Start with Carbon?

    Back when I was first starting up this welding addiction I acquired a rigid Carbon sheet, about 1/4" thick, 6 x 6", and also a small carbon sloped magnet "bug" gizmo for "arc starting". I know Copper is to be used for Scratch start, but is this Carbon also used??? If not, what the heck are these carbon pieces ever used for??

    I am just about to embark on Scratch Start TIg, using a DC Thunderbolt and a TIG gun. This will be my learning curve for maintaining a proper gap, and (I'm sure) sharpening tungstens. I am reading up (Miller site is excellent, but pretty much sweeps Scratch Start under the rug as unacceptable) to determine which tungtsens (type and size), and which filler rod to use.

    I have a TA #17 torch (thanks, DDA!), a tank of Argon, a small assortment of collets, collet bodies, and three different size Alumina nozzles. Would like to hear recommendations for this budget TIG intro. I'd like to practice on some old (1947) auto body sheet steel left over from a previous project (18 g. ?, I'd have to go out and measure it).

    (I have a Miller Pocket TIG Calculator on the way.)
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