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cast or as some call pot aluminum

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  • cast or as some call pot aluminum

    what filler rod is best to use on cast alum. would work best? this on an old worm gear drive cover on a skill saw thank's for any hep!!!!!
    lincoln pt225
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    oh & a shovel

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    4043 is what I used when I welded up one for my uncle and its held for a year

    Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

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      Hey walker d,
      Everything that is classified "diecast" or "potmetal" is a composition of garbage metals with aluminum, zinc, brass, copper, and antimony which are melted together & cast. The compositions vary and at times are a pain to repair. I found a repair rod for this material 10 years ago called HTS-735 from a fellow, Charles Kimbrough in Texas. I have done extensive repairs with potmetal with superb results with this rod. I believe he has improved this rod to the new offering he sells on E-Bay. It must be stressed that as with alum./alum.alloy, any diecast composition repair area has to be very clean to have a strong bond. I use a SS brush & acetone with all aluminum. This rod would be classified more a "brazing" rod than welding rod and a little practice on scrap will allow you to get the feel of using it. Quite easy. Hope this helps a bit. Here is the E-Bay listing. Good luck...... Denny|294%3A50
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        Not all aluminum cast is potmetal.


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          i'm pretty sure it's cast alum. thanks for the replies all and have a merry christmas to you all
          lincoln pt225
          hack saw & a hammer
          oh & a shovel


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            thought i would get more reply's and option's !!!!!!!!! thanks to those who did
            lincoln pt225
            hack saw & a hammer
            oh & a shovel


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              Best way to tell if it's pot metal is pot metal is a good bit heavier.
              They don't make hand saws out of it tho...way to heavy to sell them.
              They do make saws out of mag sometimes tho as well as chainsaws etc...
              Simply see if it "pools" with the tig and you will know if you can weld it.
              About the craziest metal I've found is aftermarket door handles from Motormight. Even the splatter is like it's chrome.
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