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Opinions on Linde Hda 300 and Hobart Cyber Tig 100 series Tig welders to purchase?

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  • Opinions on Linde Hda 300 and Hobart Cyber Tig 100 series Tig welders to purchase?

    Hi guys heres the deal found on two welders through a friend of mine.
    -He gots a Linde Hda 300 with foot pedal and air cooled torch in good working condition, serviced about 8 years ago. Price is right at about 250.

    -The other is The cyber tig 100 series, has torch but no pedal and was traded in to him as a working unit. Price is 400
    I have not seen either of these welders.

    What you guys old timers think about these, I have tig welded with a scycrowave 250 and am use to that but am not expecting that from these.
    The one thing that worries me about these is that I am going to use the welder in my garage. Are these prone to well, catching on fire if a malfunction?? My garage will be wired to handle the welders with like a 70 amp beaker.

    Which do you think is best and what parts are most readily availible?? Or should I just hold off and wait for something smaller, and newer. Space is kinda a factor in my garage. Thanks for listening and appreciate any advise I can get.

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    I recently aquired a well used Linde/Union Carbide HDA-300. I can't say enough good things about this machine. I works great. I took the covers off when I first got it to blow out all the grinding dust that was coating everything inside the welder. Plugged it in and it Stick & TIG'd great. It's on a water cooling cart, but I'm using an air cooled torch for now. I run mine off a 50amp breaker without any problems on the third heat setting (mid 200amps) at full pedal on aluminum with AC and high frequency. I would imagine that internal parts availability will be difficult, but you should be able to fix most things that break with commonly available parts (relays, rheostats, switches, capacitors, etc.). The downside to this welder is that it is EXTREMELY HEAVY & BIG! I have not used a Synchrowave so I cannot compare the two. Let me know if you need any help in working the machine if you choose to get the Linde.


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      thanks for the info I am really considering the Linde casue its a good deal. He did tell me that the argon hose might have a leak somewhere other than that it was in good working order. I am still waiting on the pictures from him to see this monster..... I am going to run some beads on this thing so we will see....Thanks!!!


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        Parts maybe still available for ESAB or search the Internet if needed. HTH

        Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

        Linde VI-252C and Linde wire feeder.
        Hobart Cyberwave 300c.
        HH 140.
        Miller Big 40.
        Lincoln SAE 200J.
        Hobart GR-303.
        Lincoln tombstone welder.


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          Don't let the leaking argon hose affect your decision. That's a very easily replaced hose available online or at any welding supply store.


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            It is hard to go wrong with the Linde at $250, since there is probably $200 in copper in it. Your friends won't ask to borrow it. The manual is available on the ESAB web site.