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  • Poalrity Switch Wiring/Part...

    Thank you in advance, there is a wealth of knowledge on this website for the novice or expert welder.
    I have aquired an old Hobart Cybertig CT-300, Cyber Tig 120 Series, Serial Number 12RT 34866 (That S/N might be 72RT 34866). It was used as a production Machine back in the 70s, 80s and 90s and used as a Hobby welder after that. The Polarity Switch would not turn, and when I tried to turn it from AC to DC the Handle would spin all the way around. I removed the handle from the front of the Switch, and found that there is an aluminum part internal to the Poarity switch that is used in Keying the contacts internally. There are two dogs on the aluminum "Key" that are sheared. I think I can build them to the original length, and file them down to original size. But i would just replace it if I could find and servicable part.
    The other delima is I am going to need some references to connect the Wires and Bus Bars to this High Current Switch. Does anyone have a good source for wire routing and connection information for this old Hobart? In fact Just good quality Photos would proabaly be very helpful. I know these are really good units, that is the only reason I wanted to get this machine operating.
    Again, Thanks for any information.