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Homemade High Freq Addon Possible?

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  • Homemade High Freq Addon Possible?

    Hi there everyone, Longtime reader first time poster, always wanted to say that.

    Anyhow, i am a DIY person, if i cant make something then I really didn't need it. Well i am at the point where I need some information on making a High Freq Addon box for a Stick welder machine.

    My first welder was a Super Cheap stick welder from a Cummins Tool Sell, well I then upgraded to a Hobart Handler 140 so I could weld aluminum. So far that has worked out very well it is a nice machine, anyhow, I bought a old Lincoln TM-400/400 (Super Cheap $50) that I am restoring, well i have been told that I can weld aluminum even without a High Freq if i just scratch start it using a Tig Dry Rig.

    I have been messing with a Tig welder at work learning how to do it correctly, from a Master boiler maker, below are the questions that I would like answered.

    1) Does anyone know of a way to make a Home Made High Freq box for a Stick Welder. (Plans or Drawing)?

    2) Is the information that i have been told correct about being able to weld Aluminum without a High Feq Box, even thow the weld may suffer?

    I would also like to say that I am under a very tight budget, that is why i don't just buy a High Freq box. I am very good with electronics so if i can find some plans I can make it pretty easy

    Thanks for the information in advance.

    Rotary Nut

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    You can probably purchase a used HF box for around $150 if you keep your eyes open. You can build one, but its going to be a fairly elaborate project. Its similar to a tesla coil, but added on is a coupling device that inductively couples the HF output into the welding lead. I have an old Airco unit and its heavier than a Chinese welder.