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    Just read LarryL's thread stating his satisfaction with Thermal Arc. That's good to hear because I am seriously considering their 300 AC/DC unit as opposed to a used Dynasty 300.

    I did get some great news from Miller Service today though.

    A while back I purchased a three year old Syncrowave 250 DX Tigrunner off e-bay to replace the Sync 250 I had purchased new in 1996. Nothing wrong with the old sync (buddy wanted to buy it) but wanted to upgrade to the newer digital readouts, etc. Also added the pulser feature once I got the unit. As it turns out, the newer Sync only had about 8 hours of arc time on it when I received it. Machine performs flawlessly.

    Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was in my LWS picking up three gallons of coolant to flush and refill the Sync. (This model Tigrunner has the coolant tank built into the main machine and only runs when sensors detect heat in the return line) I asked my bud, the owner, how he went about draining the coolant in my particular machine, since there is not a drain provided. He didn't know, but got on the phone with his service guy. As it turns out, you just pump the old coolant out using the built in pump. While the service guy is on the phone he mentions that Miller has had a recall on that particular system and that they may be willing to replace my cooling system.

    About a week ago we sent them all the pertinent data (Ser #, etc). Today they called back and said that "even though the unit is out of warranty (June), they were going to send the update kit at no cost. Retail for the kit is about $1,100 and includes a complete cooler assembly (mounts under the power supply), new lo-profile running gear, and 3 gal. of coolant. The only catch was that they would not pay labor to install. My service guy says he does it in about 3 hrs but it's not that difficult and that I should be able to do it myself. That's what I plan to do.

    We've all heard how good Miller (and Hobart) service is. Here's another example with "living proof". Couldn't ask for more from a company.

    I'm a happy camper tonight.

    Syncrowave 250DX, Tigrunner
    Dynasty 200 DX w/CM 3
    MM 251 w/30 A SG
    HH 187 Mig
    XMT 304 w/714D Feeder & Optima Pulser
    Dialarc 250 w/HF 15-1
    Hypertherm PM 1250 Plasma
    Victor, Harris, and Smith O/A
    PC Dry Cut Saw and (just added) Wilton (7x12) BS
    Mil Mod 6370-21 Metal Cut Saw
    More grinders than hands (Makita & Dewalt)
    Grizzly 6"x48" Belt Sander
    Access to full fab shop w/CNC Plasma & Waterjet
    Gas mixers (Smith(2) and Thermco)
    Miller BWE and BWE Dig