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  • New to me, old 300ST.....<:{-

    first of all, just joined, first post. I just bought an old Powcon and today finally finished assembling all the stuff I needed to crank it up. It was wired 3 phase so I left the red wire out of the plug and hooked it to 60amps of 230. Stick is working, seems like an awful soft 200 amps but these things are supposed to be smooth. Switched to tig, Zilch. Plus, very minimal gas flow. New torch, new hose, new reg. new tank. I put my hand on the gas solenoid and I can't feel it click when I switch between tig and stick. I don't have a pedal and I started thinking maybe you have to leave the thing on stick to use tig w/out a pedal. Of course then you would'nt have cap. start. So I switched to stick mode and of course got an arc, and, having no argon to speak of, fritos tungstitos. I can' t find a manual online for this thing and since I live out in the country by myself I would like to know a little more about what inside other than those two giant blue capacitors and the black and yellow wires will turn me brisket like.PS. I read this after I finished and it looks like an idiot wrote it; so, I've Done my job.