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Used price for a Lincoln ac/dc tombstone?

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  • Used price for a Lincoln ac/dc tombstone?

    I am downsizing some and thinking about selling my ac/dc tombstone (yes I know, "Don't do it." I have had seller's remorse for almost every tool, gun, pickup I ever sold....). It was used by two hobbyist owners including me and I'm guessing has only 20 - 30 hours of run time on it, still shiny red, stinger not melted, leads in good shape, no mice living in it, on a home-made hand cart, etc. For space reasons I replaced it with an twin-voltage inverter stick. I was surprised to see these tombstones new are now $800 to 1000, if they are in-stock at all. On ebay I see very few used ac/dc tombstones.

    So my friends, what is a reasonable price for this used? Is there are rule of thumb a name-brand welder in VG shape is worth XX% of new? This is just the tombstone, no hood etc included.


    Hobart 160i
    Lincoln 225/125 AC/DC

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    Depends on the local market, should be able to get 1/2 for very good shape unit .


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      Oh my gosh, I didn't realize the price on those went up that much recently! $450 would be reasonable, but local market conditions rule. Search Craigslist far and wide to see what used units are going for.

      Here I sit with my $300 Dialarc 250 and a $350 Lincoln Idealarc 250/250. Heck, my Syncrowave 250 was only $850 IIRC. Long time ago ... (all used).
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        They go fast. They are a very good reliable machine. I appraised one the other day nice at 400+ due to the fact they went up so much. Materials went up. I think they lost a lot of u7tility value do to new machines bu8t that is irrelevant to market price. People want them.
        Another bonus is they are a cord and plug machine that can go on any legal 50A welding circuit. They will work with cords.
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          But before I gave up 450 for one would have to consider the new Hobart 200 and there are others similar but the cost different in a new one isnt much and it will run 5/32 toasty from the same circuit. This puts in in the Dialarc class to some extent. We will see how durable they are in the long run but unless I had a bunch of sweat labor in a stove shop wouldnt mean much to most users. Lght, small is a bonus. Put it on cart like little feeder in a shop. Move 1 light cord vs 2 heavy ones and shorter lighter stinger, 25 ft of 1 to give it some lead to hop with but the savings in secondary copper is a lot. Pay for a good chunk of the machine anymore.
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