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  • Hobart 160i

    Is the new Hobart 160i Stick Welder comparable to the older Hobart LX 235 AC/160 DC Stick Welder? Seems the LX Stickmate is not available.

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    In capability, yes. But it's an electronic import using the latest technology, and the jury is still out on how long it will last. The older model is a very simple and reliable design. I helped beta test the 160i, and purchased one when they became available to us. It has some great advantages in size and weight (and dual-voltage input), but I will never, never, get rid of my big old transformer machine. I know it will still work when everything else fails.


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      I havnt used a new one but,,,, only reason I dont have one is I have a Max and cause I have one the interest isnt there. Not that I need it but the 200 is interesting, I can see some advantage as it would allow some larger rods, could run 5/32 lohy and the price is really right for that app as long as the fact it will do it from a common 50A welder circuit.


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        I'd like to get one but I see the upped the price around $50 , hard to justify it when it's made in China and the most expensive comparable import is under $200 ........
        None of the other imports jacked their prices up { yet } , why did Hobart ?
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          They needed to rause prices, you can still buy some models for close to the same price they were 30 years ago. While its interesting to see how low they can go some perspective ios in order, 50$ is different than 500 or 5K. Last machines I bought, 800 for a lunchbox and 3 or 4 K for another machine,,, 50 either way on 500 isnt much. Piece of crap car depreciated more than that each month.


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            So its a one time expense... Not like buying groceries and fuel, which goes up weekly....

            Just buy it now as its going to get more expensive down the road a bit....
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