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Broken bolt extraction

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  • Broken bolt extraction

    I bought special rod made for Broken bolt removal. Mg 600 maybe ?. But I'm working on broken automotive exhaust manifolds bolts.usually broken below surface.5/16/ 8mm dia. I tried 1/8 rod then 3/16 rod. I'm not good with a stick welder ,but the 3/16 was able to start with much lower amps quick helped.My welder has a crank dial i don't know how acutely it is it has a.c. And dc It looks like around 40 amp it will start pretty easy.But my issue is : no matter what the weld is violen and while trying to build it up out the hole welding horizontal the weld always falls and leans or just splatters out. I usually try to lay little heads like I can with the mig but it's hard to chip the crust off between welds. I have been using the stick and not togrther. I think the stick gets it hot enough to in seized the bolt and the big to accurately weld a bit on. What am I doing wrong ?why not just the stick?

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    I am not experienced much with stick.all my experience is open bench practice and not recent.I can really control a mug well but the stick is out of control.I see the smaller rod worked better than the 1/8 i first tried . Anytime ?


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      MUG weld?.... Is this fixing a coffee cup?....

      Anyway,... My preferred method would be MIG and lay a oversize nut over broke stud (hole) and build weld up into nut.....
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        Mug weld lol. Mig yes I like the Mig too it's more control. Research was pointing to the stick,s heat was better at deep heating the bolt loose. So the last one I stocked it a bit then used the mig.So if I can't use the stick without making a mess Mig it is unless it needs more heat to unsieze