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Gilland 400 CC and MTG 500 CC stick welders

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  • Gilland 400 CC and MTG 500 CC stick welders

    I have come across 3 brand new Gilland welders. The owner does not know much about them. I was curious to see if anyone here knows anything about them. I did some research and they are from around late 1990's pre 2000 era. All 3 brand new for a very cheap price. Since the year I believe the internals are all aluminum (not copper). Was thinking about purchasing them and keeping one and unloading the other two. They have no leads and from what the owner said no plugs on them either. They are 3 phase according to the owner. I uploaded some pictures so you can see them and hoping that someone has more information about them. They are made in USA and I even tried contacting the company who makes them but they never answer the phone or return any calls... thanks

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    There is a reason they are so cheap. Be great for the right contractor. At the risk of sounding like Caption Obvious,,,, u have 3 faze power?
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      Hi Sberry, yeah we have 3 phase power here. The low price is what got me curious too. But the fact that finding any information on them is concerning. If the guy ever gets back to me (he is a truck driver and never home) I might go pick one up to see what it can do, in the meantime will wait and see if anyone else here has come across these units or knows anything about them.


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        I bet they are just fine. Good if a guy has the use, great for a plant or tank contractor etc where heavy rod and arc gouge is needed. They would be 2x if they were cc/cv. Good in heavy equipment shop. Kind of problematic to resell.