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    Hello, from looking at my join date until my now first post I think I hold the world record for being the longest lurker. Anyway, too my question. I like using the Hobart brand 7018 rod. Looking too restock I noticed there is two different part numbers. Part number 770497 and 770475, both are 10lb containers. What's the difference between these two rods?
    Thanks, Jack

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    If You google those 2 numbers You will find the answer. One is a part number for the plasma cutter and the other is a rod part number. The 7018 is a superior rod and I use it exclusively.
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      What hunter said, 770497 is a part number for plasma cutter replacement parts, 770475 is 7018 Electrode.


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        Curious to see where you are seeing the two part numbers and they are showing (one wrong) as welding rod....

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          At rural king, I caught the typing dyslexia. The part numbers are 770475 and 770479. I swapped the 7 and 9. The only difference I can see is that the '79' says not designed for small ac machines. Is that it?


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            770475 is 7018AC, the other is just 7018. The AC version has some arc stabilizers in the coating to to compensate for the AC current.