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  • Stickmate 160i

    I have had a 160i for about 6 months now. Was welding with it and came back after a few hours and now it won't turn on at all. It has power to the machine. I'm not sure what I should be checking next. Any help would be great

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    So a little more info. The fan doesn't turn on at all either. I was looking in the manual following the power through the electrical diagram. It has power to PD1&2 on the smaller board on the side of the heat sinks. Then there is no power coming out of the board from PD3&4 where it goes to the transformer so I don't know if that board is bad??


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      Unit should still be under warranty. Contact Hobart directly about your issue.
      If needed, they should be able to direct you to a local repair center.
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        Help us help you.

        Can you give me more specifics about what you are measuring, and what you are measuring it with, on what settings?

        What voltage are you supplying the machine?

        I've got mine opened up on the test bench to try to give you numbers but make it easier on me.

        Using an Ideal True RMS digital voltmeter, with 120 VAC supply, I have 339 VDC across PD1 and PD2, and 316 VAC with a -39 VDC shift across PD3 and PD4.

        But this stuff is not my forte.
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          I'm going to put mine back together now. Hope you figure yours out. Like Dan says, it's under warranty anyway.


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            Yea, I called hobart and they said to bring it to a repair center. Was hoping it would be something I could fix as I'm not near a center but it doesn't look like it. Thanks


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              Let us know what they tell you. I'm very interested in weak links on these machines, and repair potentials.


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                Repair center will probably just confirm that it doesn't work. Might send it back to Hobart so they can confirm the machine has been turned it. Expect a new machine. These are throw away machines. Cost more to repair than to replace.
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