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  • Chance of shock question

    I've seen some stick videos whereby, in addition to the stinger, the welder is holding the electrode between the fingers on the other hand for added control.

    This appears safe but what if there is a piece of flux missing...if the fingers are laid on this bare spot, is there a danger of shock?
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    The current wants to go from the electrode to the connected weldment (or vice versa). The arc is the path of least resistance. The real danger is before the arc is struck and another body part is in contact with the weldment, while a finger is on a bare electrode. Dry gloves are a very good insulation against welding voltage, and other body parts that can contact the work should be equally protected.

    One of the best shocks I've gotten (and I'm an electrician) was when someone else was welding. The engine-driven welder was on the truck with the work lead connected to the bottom of a billboard pole. I was working at the top of the billboard as a helper. I was positioning an attachment for the top of the sign, and leaning against the sign itself. When he struck the arc on the attachment (instead of on the sign (he was an idiot)), I became the path between the attachment and the sign.


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      Lol...he was the idiot and you got the shock.


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        That's how life usually goes.


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          As long as you wear dry gloves you shouldn't have much of a problem. I did get shocked a few times when running my grandfather's ancient Birdsell brand AC arc welder. It's ancient. From the early 1950's. 160 or 170 amps, supposedly.
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            Was about 19, welding outside for the first time, on a drain pipe, inserted a new electrode with a bare hand … dropped everything, including a few choice words.
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