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174 amp Dayton stick welder

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  • 174 amp Dayton stick welder

    I inherited a 175 amp Dayton stick welder. It's an old 12 plugs on its front. Anybody know anything about it? It still runs, and workd

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    Directly, I know nothing.
    Indirectly...I'd say that if you inherited it... more then half as old as the previous owner is a good start for age. If It still works, no reason it seemingly shouldn't, think of it as never been doctored or treated poorly in practice, reasonably maintained, and for all intent and purpose, was money well spent.
    Ok, that and it being a AC stepdown transformer with 12 plug range from minimum to max. should with in limits, weld stuff. Back in the day, they were sold not with a traditional electrode holder but a carbon arc electrode holder. Lol...similar.