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    I have a old gf 250 welder generator . I want to run a 115 v mig welder off of it . Is there anything I need to be aware of beforehand? Will the gf 250 have enough power to run a small mig? Thanks in advance

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    Please use the subject line for the actual subject. All threads are "looking for advice." This can be changed in the advanced editing feature.

    What is the wattage of your generator auxiliary power?

    The plugged-in machine will draw the power it needs for what you are doing, so if you are welding sheet metal, it will draw a lot less than if you are using it at its maximum output.

    I'm not familiar with your generator yet, but my instinct is that you are probably fine. Others will confirm later.


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      Top end 120 Volt AC MIG machine can draw up to 25 amps.... My HH 140 pops a 20 amp breaker had to go to a 30 amp breaker to keep it going at max heat.... Just so you have idea of max draw of a 120 v machine smaller MIG will draw less....

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        The outlets on the GF250 were only rated for 15 amps. So running a Small MIG welder will be hard to do without constantly blowing fuses.