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DialArc 250 vs Syncrowave 250 for SMAW?

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  • DialArc 250 vs Syncrowave 250 for SMAW?

    Can you guys tell me how a Miller Dialarc 250 would compare to a Syncrowave 250 as far as the SMAW process goes? I mean, will the Sync 250 do everyrhing the Dialarc 250 will do, when stick welding?
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as stick welding "features", you've got "dig function" and I think "hot start" function, correct? I am not aware of any other features.
    Does the Sync 250 have these fumctions?
    I'm basically wondering how these two machines compare as stick welders??? Thanks for any help.

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    Neither has "hot start" as far as I can tell. Synch has a bit of dig adjustment, Dialarc simply has two current ranges with different volt-ampere slopes. Compare the V-A curves in the manuals.

    My boy says: "Dialarc lags a little more and is a bit softer arc which can work both ways. Beyond that they both feel about the same as any Miller. "
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      Yes, no bells or whistles on the dial arc. It really doesn't need them. No need for dig or hot start on the dial arc.
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