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  • Seeking welder suggestions

    I started with a Lincoln 225 a long time ago. I used a Hobart 140 when my dad was welding in auto body panels.

    . I want to purchase a new welder for myself. I have a utility trailer and I want to build a log lifting arch for it. I pick up logs and have them milled for lumber. Some of the logs are 1,500-3,000 pounds. There's just no easy way to winch them up on a trailer without a skid streer or tractor.

    So, I've watched a lot of videos on log arches and spoke to some guys about them. I want to build one for my trailer that way I can load the logs. I will be building the arch out of 1/4" steel.

    Which welder do you guys suggest for a budget of around 800-1,000 to spend on a welder?? I'd appreciate any advice you can give me. I'm by no means a pro and I don't care to have a shop build the arch for me. They've already quoted me 300-350.00 just in labor.
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    You want stick or MIG or what? You have a 240V 50 amp or so outlet? Hard to beat an old Lincoln Idealarc 250 or a Miller Dialarc 250 if you can get one for $300-$400. The Hobart Stickmate 210i is a bit more portable and easier on the input current.

    As for MIG, the Hobart Handler 190 and 210MVP units are nice. More expensive than stick, especially factoring in the shielding gas.
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      Originally posted by usmcpop View Post
      Hard to beat an old Lincoln Idealarc 250 or a Miller Dialarc 250 if you can get one for $300-$400
      Good advise right here. I love the Lincoln Idealarc 250's. I got lucky with three scores, $50, $104.50, and $250. Look for the deals, they are out there. These welders will weld pretty much anything. They will handle a 3/16" rod, and the arc is awesome.
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        The Hobart 160 will build that.