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Hobart Simplified 200 amp welder

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  • Hobart Simplified 200 amp welder

    I drove 80 miles thinking I was buying a 300 amp welder, and arrived home to look at the tag and realized it was a 200 amp welder. Not a huge problem-- in fact this machine might be better suited to what I want to do anyway.

    The tag reads SPECS 455 and the serial number is 5cw 10817. I bought in from a guy in Alma, NE who said it originally came from a person living in Bloomfield, NE. The Alma guy said he had contacted Hobart researching the original owner and had that info somewhere, but was unable to locate it while I was there this afternoon.

    I would appreciate any info regarding date of manufacture and original owner.

    BTW, I was reading through some old posts and saw one I wrote about my RC-300. I did a Haas-Kamp conversion on it last January and it has been working flawlessly. I use this machine to power a Cobramatic wire feed system to weld 1/4" aluminum. I have went through 4 big spools of 3/64" 4043 welding wire and have had NO issues.

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    further update

    Since it was a nice day and I had a 'new' toy, I decided to check it out and clean it up. I found that all the brushes were clean and moved freely. The commutators on both ends showed no observable wear. I blew out the inside as best I could, and blew out the area that houses the electrical connections. The insulation was intact for all the wires I could see and seemed secure.

    On a whim I put my Tigwave 250 in SMAW mode and hooked the ground lead of the Tigwave to the ground terminal of the Simplified. I set the Tigwave to 200 amps max output and connected the Tigwave weld stinger to the Electrode terminal of the simplified. I set the wheel on the Simplified to MAX and the fine current adjustment to 100%. I slowly began mashing the pedal on the Tigwave and the Simpplified began rotating in the correct direction. As I mashed harder on the Tigwave pedal the Simplified ran faster until I was maxed out on the pedal. I heard the whine that other owners described when the motor was up to speed.

    A few remnants of a mouse nest blew out the air vent screen in the middle of the welder. While I had the Simplified spinning I blew some more air inside but no more debris came out. I observed no arcing of any brushes. I had a volt meter connected between the welding terminals, and had around 40VDC max after unhooking the Tigwave stinger and letting the Simplified coast to a stop. In automotive land, if a generator will motor, it will also charge. I suspect that my welder will also weld if spun independently. I do not have 3 phase in my shop, and I really intended to connect this welder to an engine someday.

    Am I correct in assuming welding generators will weld if they will motor?