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Crastman duel range 230amp welder core/shunt repair !

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  • Crastman duel range 230amp welder core/shunt repair !

    I have a Craftsman duel range 230amp buzz box and the plastic material that keeps the core/shunt directly
    off the transformer is in need of replacement.....right where it touches the tranformer its torn and allows the core/shunt to make metal to metal contact with the transformers core !.....i know not a good thing.....Ok when "Chase" that made it went bankrupt.......the company that bought it as i heard...was Lincoln?........i need to know what kind of material to use to keep the contact points apart........i have considered the 1/16 th inch thick grey gasket material however the original is a plastic type material !......and all suggestions are very welcomed................Thanks.

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    Delrin would be a good choice for this. It is mechanically durable, non-conducting and has self-lubricating properties. If you could use two pieces, one on the shunt and another on the stationary core, then you would have a sliding interface between two pieces of plastic. This would be the ideal configuration.
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      Thin Teflon sheets would be great, very slick and high temperature resistant.

      cheap Teflon art sheets:

      You can get thicker stuff like 1/16" and 1/8" but it costs more. Search Teflon gasket material or sheet.

      Edit: Even HDPE cut out of a milk jug or container lid would probably work just fine. It can withstand about 230 degrees F continuously.
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        Not to change the subject, but I also have an old Craftsman dual range model, and the material around mine seemed just like cardboard. Anyway , not long after I had it, the cardboard bent and jammed the shunt. Back then I just tore off the bent piece of cardboard and have used it that way. That was over 20 years ago. I don't use it much, but it's still going.
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          The core/shunt insulator in my old Craftsman duel 230amp welder

          Thanks so much.......Now i have many great choices to try and i will see if i can get a piece of Delrin...i bet thats what was in their from the factory and it finally cut thru at the contact point with the stationary core....although the plastic off a milk jug may work just fine for me....To all who sent a rapid reply Thanks and i also loved the idea of the transformer being lined with the material like the core too ......Crash43