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    I have a stickmate LX. Was using it the other day on a **** harrow. Came back out few days later to work on trailer. Turned it on fan comes on and sounds normal but will not arc. cleaned metal at connection site and tried other pieces of steel. No luck. All connections seem tight and leads are not damaged. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    man no suggestions yet I see the thread was viewed over 30 times. I hope it is not that big of a problem.


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      Did you check your electrode? I went through the same thing, did the same teardown and checks, then noticed that the electrode I randomly picked out of a pack had flux covering the tip. Tapped it on the concrete floor a couple of time and was off and welding.
      Stickmate LX AC/DC
      Big cheap (Chinese) Anvil
      Hand cranked coal forge
      Freon bottle propane forge
      HH 210 and bottle of C25


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        All the knobs and switches are turned to the correct positions?
        Then put a volt meter on the stinger and the ground clamp and see if you are close to the open circuit voltage listed on the nameplate.
        This tells you that what is going into the machine is coming out.


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          You might check the crank. Read your manual. It may be way out of whack.


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            Circle G, did you ever get your unit up and running? Also, other than the other suggestions, did you try turning the voltage selection knob in any other position to see if any of those work (not sure which version Stickmate you have)?